Bilbao 08

Everything revolves around the kitchen, if the kitchen is Bilbao 08: a convivial space to be savored in total freedom, a classic and comfortable environment that harmoniously interacts with the living room, forming an open space in a naturally fluid way. Wall units with wooden or molded glass doors, under-wall units, bases, hoods and hobs are some of the elements that alternate flexibly, giving rise to multiple functional and aesthetic solutions. Bilbao is designed for those who give economic value to their purchases, but above all for those who think it is still important to do things in the best way. A kitchen where the traditional word does not refer only to a style, but to everything that leads back to a reassuring past. Here all the elements, from the hood to the large table, from the containers to the details such as the bronze handles combine to preserve that special magic of the noble country villa.